FSI notified for Nagpur Metro Rail; maximum FSI would be 2.95

fsi-metro-railNagpur: The urban development department (UDD) has finally notified the increased floor to space index (FSI) on both sides of Nagpur Metro Rail corridor. However, against the proposed maximum FSI of 4, the maximum FSI is now 2.95.
The FSI of a plot depends upon its size and the width of the road on which it lies. Plots have been divided into five categories on the basis of road width. The first one is above 9 metre but less than 12 metre, the second is between 12 to 18 metre, the third is 18 to 24 metre, the fourth is 24 to 30 metre, and the fifth is 30 metre and above.
On the basis of plot size, two categories have been created — the first for plots up to 1,000 square metre and the second for 1,000 square metre and above.
The total FSI will be the sum of base FSI, transferred development rights (TDR) permitted under development control regulations (DCR), and premium FSI of 0.3. As per the new rules, maximum FSI of 2.95 will be permissible for a plot which is more than 1,000 square metre in area and lies on a road with width over 30 metres.
Several category of buildings, such as IT parks, have been excluded from this policy because they have already been provided additional FSI.

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