Gallery of Indian Railways to come up at Allahabad station for general public

Allahabad (ALD): To acquaint people about the rich history of Indian railways and 10 glorious years of north central railway, railway administration is planning to open a public gallery at Allahabad station. This gallery will be opened on the city side of the Allahabad railway junction where passengers can have a glance at the journey of the Indian railways.

Chief Public Relations Officer of North Central Railway Naveen Babu informed that there will be two sections in the public gallery. In the first section, heritage of Indian railways will be depicted through rare photographs while the second section will showcase the journey of north central railway in the past 10 year since its inception in the year 2003.

The heritage section will have the rare photograph of first Prime Minister of the country Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laying the foundation stone of the station building of the Allahabad railway junction. It will also showcase a picturesque view of Yamuna bridge at Agra against the backdrop of architectural marvel of Taj Mahal and river flowing beneath the bridge.

There will also be photographs of various stations of Indian railways sections laying special impetus on the ‘station architecture’. The architecture of these stations are of immense interest as they speak their history of construction. The interiors are reflections of the society and its aspirations, while their exteriors present a larger picture of the developmental stage of the city. In this section, it will showcase the architectural marvel of Kanpur and Allahabad stations.

The second section will exclusively cater to the achievements of north central railway zone in the past 10 years. It will depict the zone’s tryst with development capturing the moments through exhibition of photographs. It will have the photo of the former railway minister Nitish Kumar laying the foundation stone of the new zone of NCR.

It will have photographs of various passenger amenities undertaken in the zone including installation of escalators at Allahabad, Kanpur, Agra and the present installation of escalator at Gwalior station.

Photograph of the Kanpur Juhu yard, which boasts of the largest RRI ( Route Relay Interlocking ) section in the entire Asia will also be there. It will also showcase the modern technique of flash butt welding, which is used for joining long sections of railway lines. It will also have the photographs of the various new trains that have been introduced in the NCR zone including Duranto Express and Shatabdi Express.

Further, it will also showcase the introduction of bio-toilets in the coaches where the human waste is treated anaerobically, which is not harmful to environment. In addition to this, new food plazas, which have been opened at various stations will also be shown.