Gateway Distriparks to benefit if GST, Freight Corridors come up: Arvind Sanger

Arvind Sanger Managing Partner Geosphere Capital Management
Arvind Sanger Managing Partner Geosphere Capital Management

Arvind Sanger is the founder and Managing Partner of Geosphere Capital Management, a global long-short equity hedge fund focused on natural resources and industrial companies around the world. In a chat with the Media, Arvind Sanger, Managing Partner, Geosphere Capital management shares his views on GST.

Q: We were talking about the potential benefits of reforms and the biggest one is of course GST. There seems to be some deal the govt has reached. We will probably see GST reaching the light at the end of the day may be in the next couple of months as well but how big a positive could it be for certain pockets within India say FMCG, say logistics, people are saying it is good, how good could it possibly be?

Arvind Sanger: Well, it is so hard to estimate I have seen all kinds of numbers. People have thrown out numbers as high as it benefits GDP by 2% that is a pretty big number. So, I am not sure because it is something that we never seen before so it is very hard to. Everybody is a little bit shooting in the dark, but if you have GST then you have the freight corridors coming up then clearly companies like Gateway Distriparks between the two have some significant tailwinds for the next several years so therefore that would make stocks like that very well positioned on both those fronts.