GE Transportation unveils Locomotive for Indian Railways

NEW DELHI: GE Transportation, a rail industry major in the United States, has unveiled the first of the 1,000 Evolution Series diesel locomotives it is scheduled to produce for Indian Railways.

The locomotive was unveiled at the company’s plant at Erie in the US.

Hundred of the twin-cab 1676-mm gauge locomotives will be exported in finished form or as kits under the $2.6-billion joint venture agreement signed with the Ministry of Railways in November 2015.

The other 900 locomotives will be produced with mainly local components at the upcoming GE factory at Marhoura in Bihar under the government’s Make in India initiative, sources in Railways said.

Of the 1,000 locomotives ordered by Railways, 700 are of 4,500 HP and 300 of 6,000 HP.

Under the agreement, 100 locomotives will be produced annually.

Bright shades have been used on the locomotives to represent “the spices of the country.”

Red conveys energy while yellow reflects freshness.

Joint Venture

A joint venture company between the Ministry of Railways and GE Global Sourcing India Pvt. Ltd. has been formed to construct and run the locomotive factory.

The Ministry of Railways will hold 26% equity in the JV company.

The joint venture will maintain the fleet for 13 years from the start of production.

The deal includes clauses guaranteeing minimum levels of performance and technology.

GE will also develop infrastructure at Roza in Uttar Pradesh and Gandhidham in Gujarat to support long-term maintenance of the railway fleet.

The initiative was the first major foreign direct investment (FDI) in rail projects in the country after the limit was raised by the Union government in select railway sectors.