General Director of the UIC Jean Pier Lubino hails prospects to develop International Railway

General Director of the UIC Jean-Pierre LOUBINOUX has said the outlook of a railway which connects Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia will create an outstanding prospect for development of international railway transportation system

DG UICThe UIC is the French acronym for the Union Internationale Des Chemins De Fer, or International Union of Railways. Speaking at the 9th World Congress on High Speed Rail at Tokyo, Japan, Mr.Lubino said that UIC decided to give due consideration to the measures made by various countries and further remarked that the UIC power is resulted from close cooperation of its members from 95 countries with their one million km of railway and seven million railway passengers.

According to Loubinoux, UIC, in line with the implementation of its mission, has close cooperation with over 100 international organizations in political, economic and financial fields. He added that the union organizes 80 congresses, conferences and workshops annually.  Lubino said that the Asia-Pacific, ASEAN nations and the Middle East region is a supreme framework for the definition and implementation of plans appropriate with the needs and priorities of the railway in the region.

Lubinoux further said that the UIC as the worldwide association of railways, is extremely happy to hold this 9th world congress on High-speed rail, UIC HIGHSPEED, in Tokyo which has become the worldwide reference for debating of all issues connected with high-speed rail development, in coordination with East Japan Railway Company and in collaboration with all parties involved in high speed rail in Japan, and more generally with all UIC’s member railways.

High-speed rail systems, often combined with other transport modes, have excellent records relating to environmental-friendliness and contribution to the economic and social development of all territories they deserve. They constitute therefore one of the main pillars of mobility and sustainable transport policies in an increasing number of countries in Asia, America, Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa.

He also said that the 9th edition of UIC HIGHSPEED in Tokyo reviewed the world’s high-speed rail on its latest developments, demonstrated its achievements, and looked into its prospects and promote its research and development, leaving a significant impact on the future development of high-speed rail.