GM/SR inspects the refurbishing works of readying three 20 year old 700 HP Diesel Multiple Units into Swanky New Ones

GM/SR and Prl.CME/SR inspecting the Driver CAB of the DEMU at Perambur Locomotive Workshop

CHENNAI: A great effort by the Locomotive Workshop, Perambur, in readying three 20 year old 700 HP Diesel Multiple Units into swanky new ones by refurbishing the same was inspected by the General Manager, Southern Railway, Shri R.K.Kulshrestha along with Shri A.K.Kathpal, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, Shri Arun Devaraj, Chief Workshop Manager, Locoworks, Chief Rolling Stock Engineer Shri A.K.Dutta, Additional Divisional  Railway Managers of Chennai Division Shri S.K.Sorte and Shri R.Mukund and other officials today, 26th July at the Chennai Central Coaching Yard.

Interior view of the refurbished DEMU

The 3 car Diesel Multiple Units with one Diesel Power Car in front, one Trailing Car and One Driving Trailer Car has the unique feature of being able to move both ways without requiring turn around.

GM/SR and Prl.CME/SR inspecting the DEMU

These 20 year old DEMUs were completely refurbished as new by the Loco Works Perambur and Mechanical Branch, Chennai, by providing completely new flooring, Stainless Steel Panelling, new seats, Provision of LED Lighting & BLDC (Brushless Direct Current Motor) fans, complete painting of the coaches, provision of  New Wiring and Control System, Vinyl wrapping in panel area near windows in all the 3 cars, LED destination boards in both the front and end coach panels, speedometer, etc. with the pathways in the entire three coaches provided with stainless steel chequered plates for better grip and with the door bay area fitted with handle grips, the DEMU is all set for passenger service shortly.

DEMU at Chennai Central Yard

The 3 car DEMU will be used to run train services between Ernakulam Junction and Cochin Harbour Terminus shortly.

Interior view of the refurbished DEMU