GM/WR launches AHU Dust Collection System at Mahalaxmi EMU Workshop

Shri A.K. Gupta – General Manager of Western Railway inaugurating the Dust Collection System at Mahalaxmi EMU Workshop. A view of the system which will collect dust from EMU coaches of Mumbai local trains.

MUMBAI: While observing Swachhta Hi SewaPakhwada, Shri A.K. Gupta inaugurated another great initiative by Western Railway. On his visit to EMU Workshop at Mahalaxmi, he inaugurated an Air Handling Unit (AHU) Dust Collection System. It is one of a kind of innovation by Western Railway in the cleanliness drive under the Ministry of Railways.

According to a press release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar – Chief Public Relations Officer of Western Railway, this system has been developed for the cleaning of Air Handling Units (AHU) of Mumbai local trains. The EMU rakes have roof mounted ventilation system also called AHU. Each coach has 2 AHUs for better ventilation inside the coaches. During periodic overhauling activites, these AHUs are also cleaned which has been observed that they collect a huge amount of dust, dirt and plastic particles. Even after several trials by Portable Vacuum Cleaners they could not be cleaned and in fact turned out to be more harmful not only for the maintenance staff but also for the environment. These blown dust particles that would deposit on the coach walls placed for painting work at paint shop. Now with the introduction of this vacuum based dust collection system, all types of problems have come to an end.

The AHU Dust Collection System involves a vacuum pump of 2200 cubic meter/hour capacity provided with 5 HP, 3 phase motor with 100 mm diameter suction pipe line of 150 meter length. This pipeline contains 7 suction sockets provided with ball valves. A 15 meter long flexible suction pipe with Gun and Brush arrangement can be attached to these sockets for cleaning. This system not only saves maintenance time by cleaning 2-3 AHUs simultaneously but also cleaning coaches at 15 locations if placed on adjacent tracks.

Benefits of AHU Dust Collecting System:

  • It prevents environmental pollution considerably.
  • It improves the quality of air inside the coaches of the local trains.
  • It creates a hygienic working atmosphere for the maintenance staff as they don’t need to wear masks while cleaning AHUs.
  • Improvement in painting quality due to non-accumulation of dust particles on the walls of the coaches undergoing the paint work.

SWACHHTA HI SEWA’ PAKHWADA COMMENCED ON ENTIRE WESTERN RAILWAY – WR GM administered Swachhta Pledge and participated in various events.

To commemorate the beginning of 150th birth anniversary celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October, 2018, a fortnight long ‘Swachhta hi Sewa’ Pakhwada was commenced on Saturday, 15th September, 2018 over Western Railway with ‘Swachhta Shapath’ by all officers and staff at Western Railway Headquarters at Churchgate which was administered by Shri A. K. Gupta – General Manager of Western Railway.  General Manager Shri Gupta also actively participated in various events and activities on the occasion of first day of ‘Swachhta hi Sewa’ Pakhwada including Shramdaan with cleaning and reversal awareness campaigns. It is worth mentioning that “Swachhta Hi Sewa Pakhwada”, will be observed from 15th September to 2nd October, 2018 over the entire Indian Railways and Western Railway will also observe this fortnight long event to highlight the importance of cleanliness on Railways.

According to a Press Release issued by Shri Ravinder Bhakar, Chief Public Relations Officer, during this period, Western Railway will organize several cleanliness campaigns including special drives on cleanliness at railway stations, trains, offices, colonies, workshops, hospitals, etc.  Focus will be ensured on cleaning of Water Booths and quality of drinking water, cleaning of drains, adequacy of dustbins, garbage disposal, cleaning campaigns by associating NGOs and other Charitable Institutions, etc.  Further special attention would be given during the drive to clean track approaches to railway stations.  Action under anti-littering rule and imposition of penalty under “polluter pays principle” will be ensured.  This fortnight will be marked with various events and each day has been assigned with a special name for a specific area.

On 15th September, the first day of ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa Pakhwada’, the theme was ‘Swachh Awareness’.  The day started with administering Swachhta pledge to Railway staff, their families and safai karamcharis.  Prabhat Pheris were taken out in the morning to raise awareness.  Workshops and training programmes were conducted for officers & staff. Nukkad Nataks also were organized with the help of NGOs, religious bodies and schools at railway stations for awareness of passengers.

On the inaugural day of the ‘Swacchta Hi Sewa Pakhwada’, Shri A. K. Gupta, General Manager of Western Railway along with various senior Railway officers actively contributed in the ‘Shramdaan’ activity at GLO building, Churchgate station, Mahalaxmi Workshop and Bandra Terminus station.  General Manager Shri Gupta also witnessed an awareness programme by NGO at Churchgate station and participated in tree plantation & wall painting at Mahalaxmi Sports ground.  He also participated in an interactive session with housekeeping staff at Bandra Terminus station. Shri Bhakar stated that total 250 bags from near tracks of Platform No. 6 & 7 at Bandra Terminus station, equal to approximately 3000 kgs (3 tonnes), was removed on 1st day of the Swachhta Pakhwada through ‘Shramdaan’ event by all. Swacchta Pakhwada Posters were displayed at various places in Railway premises all over Western Railway. Swachhta awareness caps & bands were also distributed at Western Railway Headquarters Office, as well as on all 6 divisional offices.

At the Conference Hall of Western Railway’s Headquarter office at Churchgate, a large number of WR officers & staff witnessed the direct telecast of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s speech.  It was followed by ‘Shramdaan’ by offices & staff in their respective departments.  Swachhta Pledge was also administered in all the 6 divisions of Western Railway i.e. Mumbai Central, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Bhavnagar & Ratlam by respective Divisional Railway Managers.

Swachhta Pakhwara Activities in Mumbai Division

In the Mumbai Central Division of Western Railway, the Swachchta-Hi-Sewa Pakhwada campaign was commenced with Prabhat Pheris organized at Badhwar Park, Pali Hill, Bandra (West), Matunga Road and Valsad Railway colonies. Various divisional officers of Mumbai Division along with other officials and staff participated in Prabhat Pheris at Railway colonies. Signature campaigns were conducted at Churchgate, Mumbai Central, Bandra & Borivali. Swachchta Pledge was also administered across all stations, depots, car sheds and other units by respective officer and supervisory staff to the field staff.

A Flash mob and nukkad natak was conducted and organized by volunteers and artists of Rotary Club at concourse hall of Churchgate station. Swachhta awareness pheri was conducted by Officers and staff at Andheri. Message of “Swachhta-Hi-Sewa Pakhwada” was circulated amongst commuters through Banners, posters and pamphlets. Nukkad Natak for spreading cleanliness awareness among the commuters was conducted and organized by Western Railway Cultural and fine arts association in Main hall of Mumbai Central station. Another Nukkad Natak was also organized at Valsad station by the students of Shah N. H. Commerce College. The play was remarkable and influential. Shramdaan on large scale was conducted at Churchgate, Mumbai Central and Bandra Terminus stations with active participation of officers and staff. “Operation Gandhigiri” has been started on Mumbai Central division, in which whenever any passenger throws garbage, students/volunteers shall give them a rose or sticker and Railway staff will give him a challan. Cleanliness campaign was conducted by Dahanu-Vaitarna Pravasi Seva Bhavi Sanstha at Umroli. Shri Rahul Jain – Additional General Manager of Western Railway had an interactive session with Safaiwala staff at Mumbai Central station during Shramdaan. Around 250 garbage bags containing almost 2 tonnes of garbage waste cleared. Barricades in truck tempo parking area at Mumbai Central have been painted for beautifying the same.