GM/NCR inspects Safety Arrangements for Semi-Bullet Trains

मथुरा Mathura (MTJ): Railway officials today inspected the safety and security arrangements put in place for running proposed semi-bullet trains on Delhi-Agra route.

North Central Railway other senior officials inspected the rail tracks between Agra Cantt to Palwal for running the semi-bullet trains.

Mangal said that electrification on Mathura-Alwar section of North Central Railway has been completed and the electric train on this route would run latest from April this year.

“The electrification has been completed on Mathura-Alwar route. The problem of staff creation is over. Details have been sent to CRS for checking rail safety. We expect to get a clearance from him ?by next month… The electric train on this route would run latest from April 2015,” General Manager, NCR, Mahesh Mangal told reporters today.

He said as in the first phase, the Wi-fi facility has been provided on Agra Cantt railway station, now in the second phase, it would be provided on Allahabad, Kanpur, Gwalior, Jhansi and Mathura stations till the end of the year.

“Mathura is very important railway station. We shall provide all possible facilities for pilgrims, including escalator, Wifi, foot over bridge, shade on platform 4-5 facility,” he stated.

While the work on third entry is in progress, the shortcomings in railway colony and face lift of the road leading to second entry would be done.

For speedy availability of tickets to passengers, UTS facility while has been provided in 55 stations, in seven stations PRS facility, in eight stations PRS-cum-UTS facility and in nine places? JTBS facility for booking of the ticket has been made.

Ticket in 18 stations falling under E category is being made available by STBS system.

“For running of bullet train, safety and speed test of the route is being checked by me today,” he said.

“Third line between Agra-Mathura, double line between Mathura-Alwar section, fourth line between Vrindaban road and Palwal section, construction of subway at level crossing gates on Mathura-Alwar section, Idgah Bandikui section, Idgah Bayana section and Mathura-Achanera section, extention of platform at Billochpur, Vrindaban road, Ajhai, Chhatta are some of the schemes slated for future,” he concluded.