GM/SCR inaugurates innovative Roof Top Solar/Wind Hybrid Energy Plant on Kurnool-Mahbubnagar Section

A view of Poodoor Railway Station with Roof Top Wind Turbines on SCR

Hyderabad: South Central Railway has achieved a unique distinction for innovation and implementation of green initiatives on the Zone. As part of the same, fully integrated the state-of-the-art design 3KW Solar / Wind Hybrid Plant, has been provided at POODOOR station to meet the General Power Supply requirement of the station. Shri Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railway complimented Hyderabad Division for implementing this environmental friendly, renewable energy resource method to meet the day to day requirements of Poodoor Railway Station on Kurnool-Mahabubnagar section of Hyderabad Division.

Solar Panels on the Roof Top of Poodoor Railway Station

This is unique system generates clean and renewable energy round the clock. 3 Wind Turbines unit is called 1 Mill and 3 such Mills are provided to make it 1.5 KW wind system and 3 high efficiency solar panels to make 1.5 KW. With this, total system of 3KW has been installed to generate Avg. 7 units per day from installation. The wind mills are designed with very low cut in wind speed of 4.5 mph i.e. 2 m/sec. the turbine are special galvanised G90 grade steel. This system has been provided with inverter and batteries to convert the DC generated power to AC power. The cost of the system excluding the battery is Rs.3.8 lakh for 3 KW Unit.

Vinod Kumar Yadav, General Manager, South Central Railway inspecting the Hybrid Energy Control Panels at Poodoor Railway Station on HYB Division

Other Salient  Features of the System:

  • Very high renewable energy density per square foot.
  • Scalable power generation with hybrid or solar.
  • Power generation starting at 2 m/sec. (4.5mph) wind speed.
  • Day time energy from the sun and wind.
  • Night time energy from the wind.
  • Silent operation and environmentally friendly.
  • Minimal running maintenance is required.
  • Withstand temperature ranges from -30⁰C to 50⁰C (-22⁰F to 122⁰F)
  • 1KW Load is connected on Station Platform
  • South facing of the panels for max MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)