Going to Nizamuddin station a long obstacle course

Times of India: NEW DELHI: Why the access to a railway station, as important as Nizamuddin — which hosts 131 important trains — should be such an obstacle course is a question that officials need to answer. The station can be accessed from two ends: Mathura Road for passengers from south and central Delhi and Sarai Kale Khan for those from east and north Delhi. And the roads that lead up to these entrances are a traffic nightmare.

Once you have turned left from Mathura Road, the absence of proper signages can be quite annoying. And even for the seasoned traveller, the dilapidated condition of the road is unsettling. Broken central verges and gaping potholes line the road with traffic moving at a snail’s pace, not only due to the condition of the road but a large number of cars parked illegally on the main carriageway. Both sides of the four-lane road have cars and commercial vehicles parked on them, forcing traffic to move in a single file. What adds to the mess are rickshaws, parcel trolleys and other non-motorized traffic that slow down other vehicles.

The location of a parcel office and private companies further affect the flow. While trucks regularly load and unload wares outside the private companies, parcels left outside the railway office take away precious road space.

A broken central verge with makeshift stone blocks is a disaster in making. Worse, vehicles randomly take U-turns on this narrow road through the broken gaps in the central verge, worsening the congestion.

Right at the entrance to the road that leads up to the station a little ahead, one runs into a congregation of buses right in the middle of the road. This bus stop, where many commuters wait, is placed right in the middle of the entry to the station . The signboard that would otherwise tell commuters that they have go around the stop and turn right to reach the station is hidden from view by colourful food stalls.

The lane ahead leads up to the car park and one takes a U turn from there to drop or pick passengers. The road is so narrow that cars stopping randomly stall traffic for long periods.

The access road from Ring Road on the Sarai Kale Khan end is in an equally bad shape though the road condition is better. However, illegally parked autorickshaws and traffic that have gone completely haywire rule out any order.

No quick relief is in sight because a senior PWD official said they had no plans to improve the access roads. So, if you are a part of the summer rush, get ready for this trauma.