Good Train derails on Mumbai-Howrah route; traffic unaffected

Dongargarhडोंगरयर Dongargarh (DGG): Four bogies of a goods train derailed on Tuesday near a railway station on the Mumbai-Howrah railway route in Chhattisgarh’s Rajnandgaon district.

Nobody was reported hurt in the mishap. Four bogies of the container-loaded cargo train coming towards Raipur from Nagpur derailed near Dongargarh railway station, which lies around 100 km from Raipur station, this evening, a railway official said.

“However, no injuries were reported due to the incident,” he said.

The mishap took place as the train departed Dongargarh railway station and crossed its platform’s signal leading to damage of track numbers four and five, he said.

However, railway traffic on the upline Howrah-Mumbai route was not affected due to incident, though traffic on Kurla-Howrah downline route was delayed for sometime after the incident, he said.

Meanwhile, railway traffic on the route resumed smoothly after sometime and train movements were on time.

The exact cause of the mishap would be known after the investigation, he said.