Goods train derails at Ghoradongri near Betul in MP; Delhi-Chennai route affected

घोडाडोंगरी Ghoradongri (GDYA): Eight wagons of a goods train derailed at Ghoradongri railway station in Betul district — 175 km from Bhopal — leading to disruption of railway traffic between Betul and Nagpur section of Central railways.

All trains to New Delhi, Patna and Chennai have been affected. The accident took place at 9.15pm when a goods train hauling coal suddenly rolled back at a high speed from Sarni station to Ghoradongri station knocking down several electrical poles and overhead equipment.

“Train rolled 18 km from Sarni to Ghoradongri with its 58 wagons loaded with coal. Signal systems were badly damaged on the section. It will take hours to restore services,” said a railway officer wishing anonymity. Trains on the up and down lines are being held up at Itarsi, Ghoradongri and Amla railway stations, he added.

Schedule of Gorakhpur Express, Patna Express, Rajdhani Express, Gareebrath Express, Chhattisgarh Express and Samta Express were affected by the incident.

Gorakhpur Express would have rammed into the derailed good train if power supply was on. The train stopped a few distance from the Ghoradongri station, he said. Personnel and equipment were rushed from Itarsi and Betul to undertake track restoration work. Rescue teams are also working to clean up the coal that spilled on the railway tracks.