Goods Train derails at Ukshi; several trains cancelled, diverted

उक्शी Ukshi (UKC):  Major disruption on Konkan Railway route after five wagons out of 41 wagons of an empty Goods train between Ukshi and Sangameshwar stations derailed at 08.10 am today.

KR officials said it could take about 10 to 12 hours to get the route up and running again. Several trains will be diverted and some will  be cancelled said officials.

The derailed goods train near Ukashi in Maharashtra this morning has disrupted the entire traffic on the Konkan Railway route.

The goods train derailed in the morning and the work to clear it has been going on at a war footing, a spokesman of the Konkan Railway Corporation Limited said.

Four bogies have derailed and it may take more than 10 hours to restore the traffic on this route, he said. The restoration work has become difficult as the goods train derailed in the tunnel between Sangameshwar and Nivsar, he said.

Ukashi, situated 19 kms away from Ratnagiri, is the only railway station in India to have part of its platform in the tunnel.

Trains like Dadar Sawantwadi passenger, Janashatabdi Mail, Duronto Express and Rajdhani Express have been regulated at different stations, he said.

Earlier this month, tremors measuring 3.2 on Richter scale were recorded on the same sector, officials said.

DERAIL15229The quake was reported to the station masters of Kamathe, Savarda, Ukashi and Sangameshwar stations.

The officials had inspected all the engineering structures in the concerned stations including track, cuttings, tunnels and bridges and certified it to be safe.

The following passenger carrying trains have been cancelled / short terminated / diverted following the derailment. “Refund will be given to passengers for cancelled / terminated trains. Trans-shipment is being arranged for passengers for a few trains,” they inform.

Following trains are short terminated:   

1. 50105 DIVA-Sawantwadi Passenger on 14/04/2014 at CHIPLUN.

2. 50106 Sawantwadi-DIVA Passenger on14/04/2014 at Kudal

3. 01004 Sawantwadi-Dadar Summer Special on 14/04/2014 at Adavali.

4. 50103 Dadar-Ratnagiri on 14/04/2014 at Sangameshwar.

Following Trains will be diverted:  

Down Trains:  

1. 16345 LTT-Trivandrum ‘Netravati’ Express leaving LTT on 14/04/2014

2. 12432 Nizamuddin-Trivandrum ‘Rajdhani’ Express left Nizamuddin on 13/04/2014

3. 12201 LTT-Kochuveli ‘Garib Rath’ Express on 14/04/2014

4. 12133 CSTM-Mangalore Jn Express leaving CSTM on 14/04/2014

UP Trains:  

1. 12224 Ernakulam-LTT ‘AC Duranto’ Express left Ernakulam on 13/04/2014

2. 12977 Ernakulam-Ajmer ‘Marusagar’ Express left Ernakulam on 13/04/2014

3. 12134 Mangalore Jn-CSTM Express Leaving on 14/04/2014

4. 22114 Kochuveli-LTT Express left on 14/04/2014

5. 19577 Tirunelveli-HAPA Express left  on 14/04/2014

6.12217 Kochuveli-Chandigarh ‘Kerala Sampark Kranti’ Express left KCVL on 14/04/2014

Following trains shall remain cancelled:

1. 10104 Madgaon-CSTM ‘Mandovi’ Express on 14/04/2014.

2. 12619 /12620 LTT-Mangalore-LTT ‘Matsygandha’ Express leaving on 14/04/2014.

3. 10112 Madgaon-CSTM ‘Konkan Kanya’ Express leaving on 14/04/2014.

Following transhipment will be done between Sangameshwar and Ratnagiri stations:

1. 16346 Trivandrum-LTT ‘Netravati’ Express of 13/04/2014 with 10103 CSTM-Madgaon‘Mandovi’ Express on 14/04/2014.

2. 12617 Ernakulam-Nizamuddin ‘Mangala’ Express of 13/04/2014 with 12618 Nizamuddin-Ernakulam’Mangala’ Express of 13/04/2014

3. 12484 Amritsar-Kochuveli of 13/04/2014 with 19261 Kochuveli-Porbandar of 13/04/2014.

Following trains shall remain partially cancelled:  

1. 50105/ 50106 DIVA-Sawantwadi-DIVA  passenger between Chiplun-Kudal-Chiplun on 14/04/2014

2. 12051 / 12052 Dadar-Madgaon-Dadar ‘Janshatabdi’ Express between Chiplun-Madgaon-Chiplun on 14/04/2014.

Passengers can call on 022- 27561721 / 3/ 4 for their journey related enquiries.