Government is working on three more Freight Corridors

NEW DELHI: Prabhu said the government is working on three more dedicated freight corridors to increase freight capacity of Railways.

Sixteen per cent of the railway network including the Delhi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Chennai segments takes the load of 65 per cent of the traffic and government has finalised projects to strengthen infrastructure in the high-traffic segment, the Railway Minister said.

He said an ambitious plan to fast track electrification of the railway network is underway as part of which extensive use of solar energy is being envisaged.

A target of saving Rs 41,000 crore in energy bill in the next 10 years has been set, he said.

He said the government has set a target of doubling the volume of electrified rail network in the next five years.

The Railway Minister also said the government has decided to go for separate tracks for freight and passenger trains.

To increase the speed in high-density routes like Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah, the Railway has set aside Rs 20,000 crore and contract will be given to a single agency to ensure smooth implementation, he said.

Referring to recent train mishaps, he said said NIA was probing the cases and people responsible for the incidents will face strong punishment.