GRP clueless in Bogie burning case of Ranchi-Chopan Express

RANCHI: Some 24 hours after one of the Ranchi-Chopan Express general bogies was set on fire at platform number 5 of Ranchi Railway Station, the Government Railway Police (GRP) remains completely clueless about the person involved in absence of any Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras around.

However, forensic team has been working on whatsoever proof it could collect from the spot of crime to get more out of how bogie was set on fire from inside.

“We have been working on whatever evidence we could get from the crime scene, including a travel backpack which contained nothing more than 39 chits all with We Want Justice – MSG sort of thing written in them. A follower of Dera Sachcha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh Ji Insaan is suspected to have tried to disperse the chits in public but might have failed to do so and would have set the bogie on fire. We are trying our best to nab him and his companions if any while Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team is working separately on the evidences they collected, including handwritings,” said GRP (Ranchi) In-Charge Anil Singh on Saturday.

Meanwhile, security remained beefed up on Saturday with added police personnel and dog squad on Ranchi Railway Station. “We have also asked officials to keep tab on suspicious persons and activities in and around railway station. We are trying our best to get CCTVs for platform numbers 4 and 5 which have so far remained vulnerable as far as security concerns are concerned. The main problem is a narrow passage which we had to come up with for the use of railway staff residing on the other side of the wall in Railway Colony,” said Senior DCM Neeraj Kumar.

Notably, Gurmeet Ram Raheem was convicted on Friday in a rape case registered way back in 2002, after which thousands of his followers turned violent in many cities in country, mainly in Panchkula in Haryana where as many as 28 people were killed, primarily claimed by them. The GRP and other officials in Ranchi believe that the accident which took place at Ranchi Railway Station was orchestrated by one of his followers who, failing to cause more damage to Indian Railways, set the bogie which he was travelling in on fire after the train terminated at Ranchi Railway Station.

“He must have been a traveller and was perhaps alone as handwritings on all the chits are matching prima facie. Two bottles of petrol were also found in search conducted after the incident,” said Singh.

Kumar added that the security arrangements at the railway station and in trains leaving from here were being reviewed and situation was pretty under control. “There are not many Dera followers in this part of country. However, we are taking all precautions,” said the Sr. DCM.