GRP comes up with strategies to check crime in Railway areas and on moving trains

Varanasi (BSB): Government Railway Police (GRP) has come up with fresh strategies to check crime on moving trains and expedite pre-investigation process. The plan will come into force from February 15.

A centralized control room has come up and one can seek GRP’s help by merely calling on 9454402544. Besides, GRP escort on train would be equipped with a new complaint book to help reduce time spent in basic exercise before starting an investigation into crime on board a moving train.

ADG (GRP) Javed Ahmed held a meeting with senior officials on February 2, to finalise the new action plan. The sample of the new complaint book and control room’s contact number were also finalised. Training of GRP’s junior officers is already underway. On Tuesday, circle officer of Varanasi, Chiranjeev Mukherjee held a training session for subordinates in his office.

Later, he informed, “The number will be made public to enable passengers to contact GRP immediately in case of crisis. On receiving a call from passengers, the control room will direct the GRP personnel of the concerned area to meet the particular passenger. GRP escort teams in train would meet the passenger immediately while in other trains the passenger would get help from GRP on next stoppage of the train at railway stations of UP.”

He further added that the complaint book has been provided to escort team members to record complaint of passengers immediately and also provide a receiving copy to him on the spot. After registering the complaint, the GRP personnel will collect the photograph of passenger list, ticket checker and attendant of bogie immediately to use them in further investigation, he said further adding that many investigations were lingering because of delay caused by railway officials in providing passenger list of bogie where crime took place, names of ticket checker and attendant.

The other copy of complaint will be given to GRP station at the next stoppage of train, he said and added that after this development the GRP station will become responsible to transfer the case to the concerned GRP station of the state within 48 hours. In case the case come under other state, he said, the case would be transferred through proper channel. He said that entire exercise was being done to reduce time of action and investigation. However, how effective the GRP initiative proves to be is a billion dollar question as GRP escort teams travel in only a few trains.