GRP nabs 43 for performing stunts on trains

Mumbai:  The Mumbai Central Government Railway Police (GRP) nabbed 43 persons, including 26 minors, for performing stunts on trains and harassing commuters waiting on platforms on Tuesday.

The police said that they had received several complainants against miscreants harassing commuters on Tuesdays. The miscreants, who reside in the suburbs, travel to Dadar early in the morning to visit a temple and commit the crimes on their way back, said the police.

“While on trains, they perform stunts on trains, hit commuters waiting on platforms and pass lewd comments. We had deployed cops in coaches today morning and caught them red-handed,” said an officer.

The police summoned the parents of the minors and let them go home after counseling. The parents of two minors did not turn up and they have been sent to juvenile remand home. The remaining 17 adult miscreants were produced before a court; 15 of them were released after they paid a fine.