GRP refusal to lodge FIR leads to ruckus at Chunar

VARANASI (BSB): Hundreds of passengers of 22912 Howrah-Indore Shipra Express created ruckus at Chunar Jn (CAR) Railway station in Mirzapur district when the cops at local Government Reserve Police (GRP) denied lodging the complaint of decoity on Sunday morning.

The train left Mughalsarai railway station at 5.10 am. When it was passing through Singhitali in Chandauli district, the dacoits, who were present in S-1 and S-9 bogies, started looting the bags and other valuables of passengers. Some passengers tried to retaliate but the daoits jumped from the moving train with looted articles.

When the train reached Chunar railway station the victims, including Gitanjali of Bhopal, Chandrika Prasad of Ranchi, Ashok Advani of West Bengal (all from S-9 bogie) and Vishal Srivastava of Bhopal (S-1) and other passengers reached the GRP outpost to lodge the complaint.

When GRP refused to lodge their complaint, the angry passengers staged demonstrations. Due to it the train stayed there for more than an hour. Finally the passengers decided to lodge their complaint at Bhopal after which the train moved from Chunar at 7.28 am.