GRP urges Mumbai residents not to throw water balloons at moving trains during Holi

Mumbai:  In view of the untoward incidents druing Holi in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai in the previous years, the Government Railway Police (GRP) have sprung up into action. They have requested the city residents not to throw water balloons at the moving trains during the festival.

“Every year, there are several incidents of miscreants throwing water balloons and bags filled with small stones at train commuters before and during Holi celebrations. Commuters standing at the doors and sitting beside the windows suffered severe injuries because of it. Some commuters even lost their eye sights. Therefore we appeal to the city residents not to throw such water balloons and other stuff during the festival,” said PM Karyakarte, senior police inspector of Vashi GRP.

According to Karyakarte, mainly the slum areas of Turbhe, Rabale, Mankhurd and Govandi are the worst affected in the Vashi jurisdcition, as far as such crimes are concerned.

“Miscreants wait along the railway tracks with water balloons and they throw them as soon as the trains arrives. For preventing such incidents, our officials have started patrolling on foot in the sensitive areas,” he said. “It is suspected that a majority of such miscreants are school children. Therefore, we are also visting the city schools and advising the students to stay away from such activities. We are keen to take all possible steps for ensuring the safety of the commuters during the festival,” another police officer from Vashi GRP said.