GRP with Violent & Unnatural Behaviour in Railway areas: DRM/Pune Warns ‘Stern Action’ against Delinquents

Pune: The recent incident in which Patas station manager was manhandled by a Government Railway Police (GRP) official has snowballed into a controversy after the All India Station Managers Association (AISMA) conducted a meeting and wrote protest letters to the GRP and the Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.

DRM, Pune Division of Central Railway Mr.Suneet Sharma said, “FIR has been registered against the GRP official who manhandled the Patas station manager. I spoke to the GRP officials and have warned that such incidents should not be repeated. These incidents are rare and action has been taken to deter violent and unnatural behaviour of any official in the future.”

Despite repeated attempts, Daund GRP officials could not be contacted.

The All India Station Masters’ Association had threatened to halt trains in case GRP officials misbehave with railway employees in the future. Speaking about the incident, Pradeep Hadke, Station Manager of Patas railway station said, “I was on night duty on Saturday when GRP official MP Salunkhe entered my cabin at around 8.30 pm. He became violent when I asked him to leave as he was speaking in a loud voice and causing disturbance.”

Hadke alleged that Salunkhe hit him on the head and went out and broke a locked store room door.

“The other GRP officials tried to pacify Salunkhe and later took him away,” said Hadke.

President of All India Station Managers’ Association, VL Kirtikar told  on Monday that a meeting of stations managers of Pune Division was conducted and the association discussed the repeated errant behaviour of GRP officials against station managers.

“GRP officials are meant to ensure safety on the stations. If they themselves become violent, they will not be able to provide safety to passengers. Hence, the association wants GRP officials especially on night duty to be given  counselling lessons,” he added.

Marathi actor’s wife accuses GRP officials for using her husband as honey-trap to milk money from gay men!

In a shocking incident a Marathi actor Ajinkye Shinde’s wife alleged that eight Government Railway Police officials had used the actor to extort money from gay men!  It was revealed that a small-time Marathi actor Ajinkye Shinde was being exploited by eight GRP officials. The actor was asked to pose as a gay man near urinals at Kharghar, Panvel and Belapur stations by the GRP officials, to lure in homosexual men who were interested to have sex with him. Once the actor would take the men to a safe spot, the GRP officials would take over the situation. They would then extort the lured men and if they didn’t abide by the demands, the GRP officials would threaten the innocuous men of revealing their sexual orientation to their families.

The gory details of this racket were revealed to the GRP commissioner by one of the men, an RBI official, who was lured in by Ajinkye but he refused to give the GRP officials any money. He wrote to the GRP commissioner informing him about the racket and post that Shinde went underground.

But after he was called in to the police station by the officials, Ajinkye is being used as a scapegoat in this case, so says his wife Supriya.

She told the leading daily, “So many officers are involved in this crime and they had lured my husband with money and even a job with the police if he helped them in the racket. These same officers are now threatening that they will not leave us alone and will arrest Ajinkya in another case if we don’t keep our mouths shut.”

We are yet to find out the whole truth behind this case. Stay tuned for more updates.