GRP yet to send samples collected from the train fire to Forensic Science Laboratory

Ongoing inquiry into the mishap and document work relating to it cited as reasons

hy1210Hyderabad (HYB):  Scientific investigation into the major fire accident in the Bangalore-Nanded Express in Anantapur district a few days ago is getting delayed as the Government Railway Police (GRP) are yet to send samples collected from the spot to the Andhra Pradesh Forensic Science Laboratory (APFSL) to ascertain the exact cause of fire that left 26 passengers dead.

While APFSL officials said they were waiting for the samples from the railway police, the latter maintained they could not send them as they were attending to inquiry being conducted by the Railways in Bangalore. “The investigating officer is busy attending to ongoing inquiry. This apart, the police are also busy in handing over FIR copies and other documents to the families of the victims and this is leading to delay in handing over samples to the lab in Hyderabad,” claimed a senior police official.

Advisory notes

“We are yet to write an advisory note on each sample. This is essential as part of the investigation. We will try to complete it at the earliest and send samples to the lab,” explained the official. A team from APFSL led by Director A. Sharada rushed to the accident spot and collected samples from the burnt air-conditioned coach after the mishap.

72 bags

The team examined the compartment inch by inch, collected samples, including burnt wires from and preserved them in 72 bags. According to the procedure, the bags were handed over to the GRP who would write advisory notes on each bag and later send them to the lab. After receiving the bags, forensic experts would segregate them for analysis.

“The process will take sometime to establish reasons for the fire. We will try to find out whether there were any inflammable substances in the coach after receiving bags,” said the APFSL Director. The APFSL has already submitted a preliminary report to senior police officials explaining the factors that resulted in the fire.