Guangdong Heyuan to construct 5 new arterial railways by 2030

The southern Guangdong Heyuan municipal government plans to construct 5 trunk rail lines to extend tracks 722.7 kilometers by 2030.

The 5 trunk lines will make up the Guangzhou North Railway Station-Longyan, Shanwei-Longchuan, Shaoguan-Longchuan, Jiangxi to Shenzhen section of Beijing-Kowloon passenger line and the Huihe inter-city light rail lines. After completion, the city is likely to establish a rail network linking all its counties.

The Shanwei-Longchuan line runs south and north across Heyuan’s counties Zijin, Dongyuan and Longchuan with four new stations and 110.8 kilometers of track.

The Shaoguan-Longchuan line extends runs a northwest-southeast axis across Lianping and Longchuan and will include four new stations and 111.3 kilometers of track.

The north-south Beijing-Kowloon passenger line spans the Heyuan urban district and Heping County, with three new stations and 127 kilometres of track.

At present, rail lines in Heyuan mainly include Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Zhangping-Longyan line connecting 2 cities of Zhangping and Longyan in southeast China’s Fujian province, which are passenger and freight arteries, but now hard-pressed to meet the growth in passenger demand.