Guntur Railway Division is now 100% Energy Efficient, power all Railway Stations & LCs with LED-based lighting source

GUNTUR: South Central Railway continues to remain in the forefront towards adopting various energy conservation measures. In this direction, yet another achievement has been attained with Guntur Division getting the  distinction of converting not just all the railway stations, but also the entire Railway Level Crossing Gates and Service Buildings on its jurisdiction to 100% LED Lighting.

The attainment has seen provision of 100% LED lighting at all the 76 Railway Stations, 184 Railway Level Crossing Gates and 99 Service Buildings on the Division. It is anticipated that the Energy Savings will be around 5.8 Lakh Units Per Annum, amounting to Rs. 52.5 Lakh per year, which is a notable saving in terms of Energy Conservation and also in revenue.