Haryana to do away with unmanned railway crossings

नई दिल्ली New Delhi: Within days of the death of 12 people in an accident at an unmanned level crossing in Hisar, the Haryana government has decided to do away with such crossings in the State.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said here on Monday that limited height subways would be constructed to bypass railway tracks or personnel deployed to operate the gates.

He said the government had written to Northern Railway, North Western Railway and North Central Railway, seeking a plan to man the level crossings wherever needed. The State government would provide the required assistance.

He said an action plan submitted to Railways said that of the 119 unmanned level crossings falling under Northern Railway, 89 could be replaced by subways and three merged with manned ones.

Two could be closed down. A plan was being worked out for the remaining 25.

Similarly, of the 68 unmanned level crossings falling under Northern Western Railway, 37 could be replaced by the subways, 19 merged and 12 manned.

The State government had given its consent for the construction of 68 subways out of railway funds.

As many as 65 overbridges and underbridges had been completed on busy level crossings. Work on 28 was in progress.