Hatia-Kolkata train renamed as Kriya Yoga Exp

Ranchi (RNC): The South Eastern Railway (SER) has re-named an express train between Ranchi and Howrah to mark the first ever International Yoga Day, held on June 21. It is apparently the first train to be rechristened “Kriya Yoga Express” by the national transporter to mark the International Yoga Day. The decision was taken one day after the International Yoga Day which saw Prime Minister Narendra Modi leading yoga drills with 35,000 others at Rajpath in New Delhi on Sunday.

“We received orders from the SER headquarters in Kolkata to rename the train with immediate effect on Tuesday. The train rolled out with its new name on Tuesday night,” Neeraj Kumar, the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Ranchi division told. The express, which shuttles 421 km everyday, is one of the oldest express trains connecting Ranchi with Kolkata.

The SER headquarters in Kolkata confirmed of a circular floated by the Railway Board on Monday. “It was relayed down to Ranchi division immediately,” a senior SER official said on Wednesday. The SER officials claimed renaming a train after a yoga form was the first in its division. The practitioners of Kriyayoga claim it deals with multiple levels of pranayam. Yoga practitioners say this form of yoga is mentioned in the manuscripts of Patanjali and is believed to contribute to one’s spiritual development.

If SER officials are to be believed, the Railways intend to replicate this move in its divisions across the country. “The Railway Board is deliberating on renaming several trains, which do not bear names. Their names are to be coined on different forms of the art. Announcements are likely to follow in coming weeks,” said a top SER official choosing to remain anonymous.

The rechristening of the train has drawn mixed response from the passengers, with several coining it an unnecessary move.