Parliament Question: Heavy Haul Goods Trains

Indian Railways have introduced heavy haul goods trains to modernize and improve the freight transportation in the country.  The axle load of freight trains have been increased from 20.32 tonne to 22.32 tonnes.  In addition, on certain identified routes, freight trains with 25 tonne axle load have been permitted, thus adding to the overall transportation capacity.  The routes identified for running 25 tonne axle load trains are:

East Coast Railway (Banspani-Daitari-Jakhpura-Paradeep section) (Kirandul-Kottavalasa-Vishakhapatnam section) and (Koraput-Rayagada-Vizianagaram-Visahkhapatnam section)
South Eastern Railway (Noamundi-Banspani-Tata section)
South East Central Railway (Marauda-Dallirajahara section)
South Western Railway (Toranagallu-Ranjitpura section)

Running of heavy haul trains helps in improving throughput per train.  Thus, requirement of running more no. of trains in a section comes down.  This helps in generating more number of paths for additional freight trains.

Indian Railways have indigenously developed the wagons for operation at 25 tonne axle load.  All the routes indicated above have been gradually upgraded for operation of 25 tonne axle load train.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Kotla Jaya Surya Prakash Reddy in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha today.