Hi-Tech Display Boards (Indicators) for 13 Central Railway Stations

Display boards at Dombivali to start operating on June 10, installation to be done at other stations by year-end.

MUMBAI: The pesky problem of platform indicators malfunctioning or displaying wrong train timings is set to get over for the passengers of Central Railway’s (CR) main line.

The CR is in the process of replacing the old and snag-prone indicators at 13 stations with hi-tech ones connected via optical fiber cable. It has set the target of completing the project by December 2018. The first station to get the new set-up is Dombivali, where trial is on . The indicators will be operational from June 10.

The other CR stations to boast the high-tech display boards by this year-end are Shahad, Ambivali, Titwala, Kasara, Ulhasnagar, Vithalwadi, Ambernath, Badlapur, Shelu, Ghatkopar, Kurla and CSMT.

A CR official told, “Indicators failing to show the correct train timings or simply malfunctioning are common on the CR’s main line. Hence, why we decided to replace all the indicators in a phase-wise manner. The old indicators will be repaired and kept as standby to be used at other stations, including those on the Harbor Line, at crisis hour.”

Sanjay Jain, divisional railway manager of CR, Mumbai Division, said that the new indicators are IP-based and can be accessed from remote location, so troubleshooting is easier.

“Every indicator has separate IP address, so that they can be checked separately, the firstof-its-kind in Indian Railways. This apart, these are connected via optical fiber cable, which means lesser interference and smooth working. The display boards will be free from any electrical interference or errors, which occur in copper cables. We will keep a spare computer system for controlling indicator operation. In case of failure of one computer, others can take over without any interruption,” Jain added.