Holiday to Puri? Check if your train’s on track

KOLKATA: South Eastern Railway has announced that train movement on the sector would be regulated until June 11 to commission the third track between Panskura and Kharagpur stations.

If you have booked a ticket to Puri, better check whether your train will run. Otherwise, you might have to settle for a refund.better check whether

While 11 pairs of long-distance trains will remain cancelled on “nominated” dates during this period, several others will run along diverted routes or be short-terminated.

SER has announced that those with confirmed tickets on these trains would get full refund of fares from all passenger reservation system (PRS) centres. Suburban commuters under SER will also face a harrowing time between May 30 and June 2 as 62 EMU locals will remain cancelled. These locals are between Howrah and Panskura, Howrah and Midnapore and Howrah and Kharagpur. Between June 3 and June 11, SER will cancel 23 local trains. These will be between Howrah and Kharagpur and between Howrah and Midnapore.

“The third track between Panskura and Kharagpur is a very important project and will allow us to handle more trains and maintain punctuality,” said said Soumitra Majumdar, Chief PRO, SER.

“The project was inaugurated by Mamata Banerjee soon after she took over as railway minister in 2009. Phase-I was between Panskura and Shyamchak and Phase-II from Shyamchak to Kharagpur. The third track has been laid. We will now have to integrate this track with the other two through crossovers. The signals will also have to be integrated so that the crossover points work properly. We shall start pre-non interlocking work from Tuesday night. From May 30, we shall start non-interlocking work. We did our best to keep as many passenger-carrying trains running as possible. However, there is a limit to our capacity as there are a large number of goods trains that have to be given priority as they carry essential commodities. We were forced to cancel, divert and short-terminate some trains to complete the work,” Majumdar added.

After completion of work, the existing Down track will become the central one and become a reversible one. The new track will then become the exclusive Down track.

According to sources, officials had selected this time as they had expected few people to travel to Puri in the summer.

However, a check has revealed that nearly 37% people have been booked to Puri on the Shatabdi and Duronto expresses.