Home stress drives Railway Official to end life in DRM’s Office/Bhopal

Bhopal (BPL): A railway official allegedly committed suicide at the Divisional Railway Manager’s (DRM) office, on Tuesday night after his duty by consuming some poisonous substance. His body was recovered outside his car, parked at the office on Wednesday morning. A suicide note recovered by the police mentioned family issues as the reason that forced him to take the extreme step.

Police, who were informed about the incident early morning left the body unattended on the spot till afternoon and completed paper works. The body was sent for autopsy later.

Police officials said the railway official identified as Alkesh Mishra, 43, assistant yard master, lived with his cousin at railway colony close to the DRM office. His wife and son lived in Betul.

Mishra did not return home after his night shift and his body was found lying outside his car in the office premises.

It was suspected that he consumed celphos pills in his car but due to suffocation he later tried to move out of the car and succumbed. An empty pack of celphos pills and a bottle was recovered from the spot which the police suspected to be consumed by Mishra. His jacket and other articles were found in the car.

He had vomited after consuming the fumigant, stains of which were on his clothes, officials added.

Police said Mishra was separated from his wife for past few years and had even filed for a divorce. However, his family members and office colleagues remained unaware about the reason for his suicide, if any.

His cousin Akash Shukla, an engineering graduate, who lived with him, said, “I talked to him over phone around 10 pm but when he did not return till midnight, I again called him but his phone was switched off. Later, I contacted one of his colleagues who said he was unaware about his whereabouts. In the morning, I got a call from a relative after which I reached DRM office and found him dead near his car. He was a native of Betul and his father is an advocate there”, he added.

His colleagues were also surprised on learning about the incident. “We had gone to Vaishno Devi shrine together and returned on January 6. It is hard to believe that he had committed suicide”, said Mishra’s colleague, Manoj.