Honeywell develops multiple solutions to improve Safety on and around Train tracks

Honeywell has developed multiple solutions that are used to improve safety on and around train tracks.  Advanced electronic sensors and radar based technologies for railroad applications are designed to supply precise, reliable and weather independent information about speed and distance of rail vehicles.

Platform Safety

The Platform Track Intrusion Detection System (PTIDS) is a radar transponder assembly for the surveillance of the tracks in front of a platform; this security solution has been developed exclusively for driverless, remote controlled metro systems. An advanced sensor using radar technology provides surveillance coverage in front of platforms, between trains and at tunnel entrances.  The sensor will trigger the safety systems in the stations to stop the train if an object is detected on the tracks.  Virtually maintenance free, PTIDS provides weather proven safety without being compromised by rain, fog, paper, plastic bags etc, while showcasing an industry leading low false alarm rate. Bodies larger than 30 cm will trigger an alarm.  The radar sensors are placed in modules.  The length of a module is 2.5 meters and these modules can be combined up to 160 meters total length of the platform.   The sensor assembly is certified according to EN 50129 SIL 2.

Vehicle Detection

Honeywell’s Vehicle Detector is a radar based sensor that uses Doppler and FMCW mode simultaneously for detection of vehicles, e.g. trains, trucks, cars, moving or stationary. Speed and distance are measured simultaneously, providing high accuracy while being maintenance free. The vehicle detector is used in rough environments, e.g. railway tunnels to determine the presence and speed of a train.  A sensor assembly along the track supports a system software to decide if the train is moving or has stopped, to determine it’s speed and direction and detect if a train has separated.  The sensor is operating at 24 GHz and is therefore not disturbed by moisture, dust or smog.  The sensor is maintenance free and does not require scheduled cleaning.

Level Crossing Safety

Honeywell’s Radar Scanner is an automatic monitoring system for detection of objects (roadway traffic) located between the gates of a level crossing. It increases the safety for people and vehicles crossing the tracks, especially if they are trapped in full barrier level crossings. The systems sends and output signal “crossing clear’ or “crossing occupied”.  The detection of obstructions occurs by means of a radar sensor measuring distances.   With every rotation the radar generates a horizontal scan of the section of roadway between the railway gates.  If an object is found to be inside the area that is being monitored, then a corresponding signal is send out to the level crossing control system that prevents clearance for the train passage. The system works under all weather conditions and is fully EBA approved.