Hyderabad Metro Rail to have Otis lifts and escalators

The Hyderabad Metro Rail will be having lifts and escalators supplied by Otis elevator company.

The heavy duty elevators and escalators for the Hyderabad Metro Rail will be made in Otis factories Guangzhou of China. The value of the Otis contract is in excess of Rs. 400 crore, the L&T Metro Rail disclosed here on Tuesday. Otis will also maintain the lifts and escalators for 10 years after a two year warranty period.

The Letter of Award (LoA) was signed and exchanged by V B Gadgil, Chief Executive & Managing Director, LTMRHL and Sebi Joseph, Managing Director, Otis Elevator Company. Speaking on occasion, Mr. Gadgil said the project was was ahead of the schedule and all major equipment contracts have been completed as per schedule.