Hyderabad Metro to lay TATA Steel France rails in a month

L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad (L&TMRH), the concessionaire that builds the Hyderabad Metro Rail project, announced that the rails sourced from TATA Steel (France) would be laid within a month on the first stretch Nagole to Mettuguda.

Mr VB Gadgil MD & CEO of L&TMRH said that “So far, citizens have been witnessing pier construction and laying of viaduct, but soon we will be taking the work to a new level, which involves laying of tracks, signalling and telecommunications work. We are planning to run the first train on March 23, 2015.”

Speaking to reporters, he said the rails would be welded together and fixed to the concrete beam without using the traditional ballast so that comfort for the traveller would be more. He said that “We are trying to complete the civil work first before taking the next step in a coordinated manner. About 10 launch girders to form the viaduct are ready in different locations.”

Parapet walls are also being built alongside the twin tracks on the viaduct, but the train will be visible from the window level while in motion. Several special features form part of the track work, and they include putting up ‘check rails’, which will help to minimise wear and tear of the main rail, besides preventing derailment on sharp curves.