Hyd Metro to take up longer span construction at junctions

L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd will take up longer span construction at busy junctions to handle the traffic better.

This move comes in the wake of the traffic study conducted by consultancy firm LEA Associates. The services of the consultant have been enlisted by the Metro project for traffic management solutions.

In its report, the consultancy wanted L&T to take up longer span works at junctions going up to 34 metres or about 112 feet with segmental construction.

However, in cases where the length is more than 34 metres, such structures will have to be constructed on the site against pre fabricated links and shifted for the project implementation.

The project will encounter about 80 junctions which will require on-the-site bridge construction. It has been proposed to provide temporary support for the elevated concreting deck. And after tying the steel reinforcement, concrete work will be handled in three stages. The support will be placed in a way that there will be about 50 feet gap which will allow smooth flow of traffic.

The Metro project will have to construct about 80 flyovers over the 72 km stretch in busy road junctions without disrupting traffic.

Since the bridge construction at major junctions will take about 4-5 months, several junctions will be taken up simultaneously to save time, according to N.V.S. Reddy, Managing Director of Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd. The design solutions given by the structural engineers of the concessionaire L&T have won appreciation from both Delhi Metro team and experts from Indian Railways, Reddy said.