ICF facilitates retired Railway Employees order Medicines online and receive the same by courier

CHENNAI: New facility for Retired Railway Employees to order for medicines online and receive the same by courier, introduced by ICF today(05.07.2018).

Online Medicine Request Web Portal

Integral Coach Factory popular known as ICF, has 10,510 employees on its rolls as on date. ICF Hospital which is one of the largest Railway Medical Facilities in Tamil Nadu is catering to the health needs of these 10,510 serving ICF employees, about 10,944 retired ICF/Other Railway employees and their family members.

In the outpatients’ ward, every day, about 800 patients are getting diagnosed and treated for various chronic illness such as BP, Diabetics, Asthma etc., most of whom are retired employees. They need to be supplied with required medicines on a regular basis, on an average of at least once in three months.

Online Prescription Request Printout

Most of these Out Patients are of ripe age and they have represented to ICF administration that it is difficult for them to visit railway hospital every time for just collection of medicines, regularly.

With a view to assist them, ICF Administration has introduced a novel system of placing online request for medicines from their place of residence and receive them through courier.

A retired employee entering his particulars in computer

As per this system,  a retired employee should login to the website http://pbicf.gov.in, providing his employee number and outpatient number, and follow the procedures therein for registration and validation. On provision of his mobile number, an OTP will be sent to him for the purpose.

Upon the registration, he can make a request online for supply of regular medicines which will be checked by the medical authorities and the medicines will be supplied once in 60/90 days depending upon the need, through a courier.

Sample Request

The courier charges have to be borne by the recipient. At present this facility will be available to retired employees living in Chennai city and its peripherals. In future, the same will be expanded to other places.

However, the retired employees can visit the ICF Hospital any time for the collection of medicines, either in person or though their authorized representative. Normally, the online request for regular supply of medicines will be entertained two consecutive times viz., up to six months.

After six months, the patient should come in person to ICF Hospital for updating of his/her health status/diagnosis. If the retired employee fails to report to ICF Hospital in person once in six months, the facility of providing online medicine supply will be discontinued.

This facility was launched today by Shri V.Subramanyam, Retd. Principal Chief Materials Manager, ICF,  at ICF hospital in the presence of ICF Team of Officials and Staff.