ICF summons Tata Projects over Mishap outside the LHB Production area

CHENNAI: M/s. Tata Projects Ltd., Hyderabad are undertaking construction activities of a production shed at the LHB area near ICF Furnishing Division. About 250 contract laborers are employed by them, most of whom are migrants.  With a view to facilitate their convenient stay, ICF Administration had instructed the contractor viz. M/s. Tata Project Ltd., to provide them with basic amenities such as staying room, bathing facility, etc,. Since the water provided for them to take bath was inadequate, the laborers had requested the contractor to increase the water storage.  Accordingly, the existing tanks’ height had been increased by the contract management.

This morning at about 7.00 hours, when the contract laborers were taking bath in the shed outside the LHB Factory, the walls of the water tank suddenly collapsed with debris falling on the laborers probably due to proper non drying and the water has gushed out in force damaging the other walls also collapsing them. One Mr. Birmal Kumar (18) who had applied for inclusion as Contract Laborer but was not accommodated due to non production of age proof, lost his life on the spot, according to the contractor, M/s Tata Project Ltd.. Another person by name, Mr. Neeraj Kumar (21), contract employee, had sustained injuries in hand and legs and he is getting treated at a local Government hospital after taking first aid at ICF Hospital.  ICF administration had summoned the HR Manager of Tata Project Ltd., and instructed him to provide all necessary assistance to the family of the deceased and also provide all medical assistance to the injured Mr. Neeraj Kumar.  M/s Tata Project Ltd. management also have assured all necessary steps in this regard.

ICF administration has already advised all its contractors and reiterated its instructions to ensure all facilities / safety precautions for the contract employees and ensure their comfort / safety.