IGBC to develop Star-Rating system for Railway Stations; to push Go Green concept

IGBC expects stations from Gujarat to be selected for the pilot project that will be carried out for this new rating system

New Delhi: Now Railway Stations in India will go green. In the next six months, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) will be coming up with a star-rating system for 400 railway stations that have been identified to be redeveloped by the Modi-government. “We are working with the Ministry of Railways to develop special rating system for 400 stations. This will ensure that these stations go green,” Dr P C Jain, chairman of IGBC, said here on Monday.

“These rating systems, which we plan to develop in the next six months, will be applicable to existing railway stations in Gujarat and other parts of the country. So we are very hopeful that in the next one year these stations will turn into an experience for the travellers,” said Jain, who was here to announce that the 13th edition of the IGBC’s Green Building Congress will held at Gandhinagar in November and will see Union ministers like Suresh Prabhu and Union Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu in attendance.

Under the project to redevelop and transform 400 railway stations into energy saving, “green” entities, there is a plan to fix the roof of the railway stations with solar photovoltaic panels which will generate electricity, install LED lights, provide added ventilation, cleaner toilets and rainwater harvesting systems.

IGBC expects stations from Gujarat to be selected for the pilot project that will be carried out for this new rating system. Jain said that the project to help railway stations go green will be partly funded by the state government and the central government. “Some of the money for the project will also be coming from countries like Sweden and Switzerland as long term loan,” Jain said adding that he had no idea about the quantum of the loan.

Jain said some of metro stations in Delhi have already going green. “We are working with DMRC very closely. We have already identified 102 metro stations in Delhi which are all going green. Now we are working with them to see that an additional 200 metro stations in Delhi also turn green.”

Recently, Prime Minister Narenda Modi had inaugurated about nine stations on the Badarpur-Faridabad stretch of the Delhi Metro which are partially run on solar energy, have rainwater harvesting systems, sewage treatment plants and other energy saving equipment.

Talking about the IGBC Green Bulding Congress which will be held on November 19-21 at the Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar, Sameer Sinha, the head of Gujarat chapter of IGBC said that the event will see about 2000 participants and will be the biggest event in South Asia on green buildings.