Impacts of CCEA’s decision on Doubling of Rail Track to Rajkot

Rajkot-Surendranagar DRM Rajkot Anuradha Mukhedkar
Divisional Railway Manager/Rajkot Division of Western Railway Anuradha Mukhedkar speaks out on the Rajkot-Surendranagar project

Rajkot: For last several years, Rajkot section of Saurashtra region of Gujarat was unable to get a single new passenger or goods train due to overloaded single railway track.

At last the meeting of Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) led by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has approved a long-pending proposal of doubling of Surendranagar – Rajkot railway track, operation of new trains will be possible in future.

According to Divisional Railway Manager of Rajkot Division of Western Railway Smt Anuradha Mukhedkar, estimates for doubling and electrification project are prepared and works will start from Digsar and Chamaraj stations of Surendranagar district.

On 116 km route there are 12 stations and 6 over bridges including 2 major over bridges at river Machhu and Aaji. With doubling work, all station buildings and platform level will also undergo change.

Some old residential staff quarters and colonies will need to be shifted and therefore 125 new quarters will be constructed. Rukhadia railway station which is in very poor shape at present will go.

Mukhedkar said due to overloaded Rajkot section, no new passenger or goods train could be announced, but after completion of this project, the situation will change.

Not just new trains will be allocated but punctuality of rail traffic will increase and time will be saved. At present two trains run on opposite direction and crossing procedure wastes lot of time. After doubling work crossing will not be an issue.