Imphal-Jiribam Railway Line: Land loosers in Marangching (Makhuam) village threaten to boycott Rail line project

IMPHAL: Unsatisfied with the compensation process of the people affected by the construction of Imphal-Jiribam railway taken up under North East Frontier Railways, the people of Marangching (Makhuam) village have threatened to boycott all related projects in and around the village if the State Government fails to take up necessary actions within 10 days.

According to a source, the leaders of Marangching village, which falls under Noney district, submitted a memo to the Chief Minister yesterday, appealing to ease the hardships faced by the people within five days .

However, the leaders increased the deadline to 10 days after the CM explained that it would take time for related officials to investigate and submit a report regarding the issue .

The source further stated that the Jiribam-Imphal railway project is divided into two parts, namely Jiri-Tupul and Tupul-Imphal .

Marangching village lies along the Tupul-Imphal part of the railway project .

According to the memo submitted to the CM, two individuals appealed for compensation claiming that their land were affected by the railway project .

It further mentioned that Tamenglong DC processed the said compensation accordingly .

However, it alleged that DC, Tamenglong, in collaboration with the two individual, have misused the said compensation amount unethically and as such the people of Marangching appealed to the State Government to retrieve the compensation amount from the two individuals as well as take up necessary actions against DC, Tamenglong .

The leaders further demanded the CM to take up befitting actions against the authority of UBI involved in providing he compensation to the individuals .

As per the memo, if the State Government fails to provide any positive response regarding the matter within 10 days, all developmental projects, including the railway project, taken up in and around Marangching village, will be boycotted by the people.