In Sambhal, what matters more than Polls is a Railway Link

sambhal stnसंभल Sambhal:  If one were to arrive in Sambhal by train, it would seem a frontier town at the edge of the railway network and not in the middle of western Uttar Pradesh.

A train carries people to Moradabad and back once a day. There are no tracks beyond Sambhal. The counter looks unused, children use tracks to play and the station is a temporary shelter for the homeless and cattle.

While there is trepidation about a Narendra Modi-led government among most Muslims in western UP, in Sambhal, the railway station and other infrastructure matter more. They want more trains, better schools, a well-equipped hospital and tarred roads and a propere district headquarters.

“Sambhal once had many trains but now there is only one. This is a business town that depends on movement of goods. Without rail connectivity, we are forced to use road transport,” said Imran Khan, a supplier of the bone and horn handicraft Sambhal is famous for.