In three hrs from Kochi to Tiruvanantapuram soon

Kochi: The Thiruvananthapuram division has worked out increased speed limits for express trains in the state which would considerably reduce travelling time between cities.

“We’ve made a plan for every section to increase the speed of express trains from 50-100 KMPH to 90 to 110 KMPH. Once we get the approval from the Railway Board, it will be implemented,” said Divisional Railway Manager Rajesh Agrawal.

As per the plan, express trains will be allowed to run at 100 to 110 KMPH between the Tirunelveli-Thiruvananthapuram section, 90 to 110 between Kollam and Thiruvananthapuram, and at around 90 KMPH in the Kollam-Ernakulam and Ernakulam-Shoranur section. The Guruvayoor-Thrissur section sees the current speed limit of 50 KMPH being increased to 90-100 KMPH.

Track doubling work along the Kayamkulam-Ernakulam and Chengannur-Ernakulam routes will be speeded up for the purpose. To cut the running time of express trains, their stops would be further reduced in future. “We’ll use MEMU trains as fillers. Passengers from small stations can use MEMUs to reach the next main one and catch the express and superfast trains, like the system in Bombay.

Elsewhere in the country, express trains have already started running at speeds ranging from 120 KMPH to 160 KMPH,” Agrawal said.When asked about the plans to install an Automatic Signalling System, the official said the line capacity was yet to be fully utilised and it would take some time before the modern signalling was implemented in the state.