India is all Set to conduct Trial Run of its First Solar Powered Train

The Indian Railways which is the fourth largest rail network in the world is all set to equip its train with solar energy and set to conduct the first trial run by the end of May 2016 in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur city.

The train will be pulled by the conventional diesel locomotive engine and the solar energy will be used to power the lighting and other internal electrical gadgets. All the coaches of the train will house the solar panel on the rooftop and will power the lights and fans inside the coach. The Indian Railways is upbeat about the project and is looking to generate 1,000MW of solar energy by 2020.

Currently, the diesel consumption has touched 90,000 litres per year, the Indian Railways is planning to cut down. They have already using CNG, biodiesel, and natural gas. CNG is being used in local trains between Rohtak-Rewari section of Delhi Division, this is a dual use of both diesel and CNG.

By moving and harnessing the solar energy, the Indian Railways is planning to cut down the carbon dioxide emission levels. India has been in highlight with cities being termed as among most polluted in the world. This initiative by the Indian Railways is a good step towards a greener world tomorrow for the future generation. The solar panels have been used in the Indian Railways in the coaches, however, it was not used for the entire passenger trains, this train, which is being tested is the first passenger train to have solar panels on all the coaches and a move towards to find out the feasibility to equip in all trains in the future.



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