India to provide Financial Assistance to Nepal’s Mechi-Mahakali Railway project

SARLAHI (Nepal): The Nepal government has started land acquisition process in Sarlahi district for the construction of the highly prioritized Mechi-Mahakali Electric Railway project. The ambitious railway track will be 1,318 kilometer long. It has been learnt that India is likely to provide financial assistance to the government for the railway track construction, including electrification.

The District Administration Office has already issued a public notice on the acquisition of private lands in several villages in the district.

“In the first state, we are acquiring land for the construction of 502-meter long corridor from Suljor River to the eastern part of the village. Likewise, a site allocation survey is underway for the proposed electric railway project in the other areas of the district,” said Mohan Bhatta, chief of a site office of the Railway Department in Bardibash.

He said that the railway tracks would be 300 meter to 3 kilometer from the East-West Highway. And the corridor for the electric railway service will be 50 meter wide.

“In the current fiscal year, we will accomplish the land acquisition process for the railway service. We will provide fair compensation to those whose land will be acqisitioned,” said Dinesh Kumar Ghimire, chief district officer.

To expedite the proposed railway construction, the railway department has established its site offices in several districts in the eastern part of the country. The department is working for the construction of the Bardibas-Simara railway line.

The railway project, which will be constructed under public-private partnership model, is estimated to cost around Rs. 800 billion. Bhatta informed that the Mechi-Mahakali highway will be interlinked with the Janakpur-Jayanagar Railway.

Likewise, preparation is under way to extend the Janakpur-Jayanagar railway to Bardibas. “The railway service is in a poor state. We are working to improve the service and extend railway tracks to Bardibas.”