Indian Rail Port Company Limited launched as a New PSU under Ministry of Shipping

New Delhi: The Shipping Ministry has taken up an initiative to have a company that would work on last-mile connectivity projects between Indian ports.

Rajive Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, said a company called Indian Rail Port Company has been registered and the Ministry is in the process to select the first Managing Director.

The company would take up last-mile connectivity projects first for the major ports, and eventually for the non-major ports. It will construct, operate and maintain rail and road infrastructure to facilitate connectivity for transportation of goods from ports in India.

(Access PPT on the activities IPRCL by MD/IPRCL here: IndianPortsRailConnectivityinIndia-AnoopAgrawal

Kumar said the first tranche would be contributed by the major ports and the initial equity is about INR 100 crore. Shipping Secretary is the Chairman of the company that would be head-quartered in Mumbai.

He said that “We have identified 30 projects, and three detailed project reports (DPR) are ready. We hope to start the tendering process by October and the balance DPR would follow.”

Indian Rail Port Company Limited is envisaged to boast the most modern, production-optimising rail logistics information system in the world and co-ordinates train trips and track occupation, supports train loading processes in the Indian Ports and ensures the transparent exchange of data between all parties involved. All railway undertakings operating under the Company will be able to rely on automated communication via a data interface.

The share of cargo moved by rail in the Indian Ports will continue to grow in the coming years. As a flagship project for the railway as a mode of transport in the Shipping business, Indian Rail Ports Company Ltd will pave the way for more efficient port railway operations, thus securing the long-term future of the business in the Indian Ports with an efficient and transparent port railway information system.