Indian Railways achieve sizeable Results on Passenger Amenities in 2016-17

NEW DELHI: Indian Railways, which has been according highest priority to Passenger Amenities and Facilities in the recent years, has taken rapid strides in this area during the fiscal 2016-17. A host of achievements mark this momentum. Some of the highlights pertaining to Passenger amenities during 2016-17 are:

  • 100% LED Lighting has been provided at 1313 Railway Stations on Indian Railways during FY 2016-17, a huge move towards enhancing the quality of illumination and savings on energy too.
  • 100 Stations have been provided with WiFi facility during the fiscal 2016-17, while it was only 15 stations last year. This has empowered rail users to stay digitally connected on the move.
  • 67 Lifts and Escalators have commissioned during the FY 2016-17. This has come has a major convenience, particularly to the needy sections of Rail users such as Senior Citizens, Sick and “Divyang” passengers.
  • During the year 2016-17, energy audits were conducted at 205 railway stations, as against 448 such audits conducted during 2014-2015 on Indian Railways. This reflects the seriousness towards issues concerning saving of precious energy and revenue.
  • During the year 2016-17, Indian Railways has added 4 Mega Watts of installed Solar Power capacity to its network. Seeing in the context of only 10 MW of solar power installed until 2015, this addition signifies a big boost. Plans are afoot to add another 78 MW of Solar power Capacity to the network. This initiative enables Indian Railways to harness more of clean and green energy, besides saving on expenditure towards energy consumption.
  • On Board House Keeping Services has been extended to 157 more trains during 2016-17, taking the total to 830 trains till date. This facility has given a significant boost to the travel experience of rail users, in terms of hygiene and cleanliness on board the trains.
  • The overall capacity of reserved berths on Indian Railways has been increased to 50 crore, by adding around 1 crore more berths during 2016-17. The additional accommodation has contributed immensely towards serving the ever increasing demands of passengers.
  • 34,000 Bio-Toilets have been fit to coaches during the year 2016-17. This is the highest ever in the railways which only adds to the 36000 Bio-toilets provided during the last 6 years. The enhanced provision of Bio-Toilets has not just enabled upgrade the standards of cleanliness in trains but also gave a big push towards a greener railways.
  • 150 Toilets have been provided for “Divyang” passengers. 20 stations host toilet facilities for “Divyang” passengers on all the platforms.