Indian Railways’ First Solar Powered DEMU Train with Six Trailer Coaches to run from 14th July 2017

NEW DELHI: The first DEMU Train with prototype solar based hotel load system has been commissioned in cooperation with ICF, Chennai. This first rake has been based at Shakur Basti DEMU shed of Northern Railway. Twenty four more coaches will be fitted with this system at Shakur Basti within next 6 months after completing the field trials of the first rake.

Solar hotel load system fitted on each coach is of 4.5 KW capacity consisting of 16 Solar Panels of 300 Wp each. The system is capable of developing up to 20 kWh per day (average) through out the year . Surplus power generated during peak hours is stored in a 120 AH battery system. The system uses a data acquisition system and interfaces with existing hotel load power system of DEMU train. It will help in generating useful data for research for adapting the system for future rollout on all trains of IR. The system costs about Rs. 9 lakhs per coach at prototype stage .

Normally, DEMU trains provide power for its passenger comfort systems from a diesel driven generator fitted on its Driving Power Car (DPC). IROAF has developed this system with a smart MPPT invertor which optimises power generation on a moving train to cater to full load even during the night. The system helps in reducing Diesel consumption of the DPC and hence reduces carbon signature of these commuter trains by reducing CO2 generation by 9 Tonnes per coach per year.

A solar power DEMU train with six trailer coaches will save about 21,000 Litres of Diesel and thereby bring cost saving of Rs.12 lac every year. Savings for a 10 coach rake with 8 trailer coaches will increase proportionately. These benefits will continue for entire 25 years life time of the rake. This will help in making DEMU commuter services better and more economical.