Indian Railways formulates new policy for rail connectivity to coal & iron ore mines

The Minister of State for Railways, Mr. Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, said, the Railways has formulated a new policy, “Policy for participative Models in Rail Connectivity and ability Augmentation Projects”, as part of its endeavour to give rail connectivity to coal and iron ore mines.

The models under the project comprise Non-Government Railway Models, Joint Venture Model, Railway Projects on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) awarded through Competitive Bidding, and ability Augmentation-Annuity Model, he revealed.

The Minister said, state governments, local bodies, beneficial industries, ports, large import and export companies, cooperative societies and other body corporate, infrastructure and logistics providers, etc. could participate based on the model that suits their business interests.

The Lower House that under the 12th Plan, the Railways has strongly emphasized on ability augmentation works like dedicated freight corridors, new lines, doubling, gauge conversion, etc., that would result in greater flexibility of operations to serve coal and iron mines, industrial hubs, etc. and facilitate lifting increased loads and running more freight rails, Mr. Chowdhury said.