Indian Railways likely to disable chain pulling systems on Trains

NEW DELHI: The Indian Railways is likely to disable the chain pulling system on trains in some areas. This move is being considered to prevent smuggling of liquor during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The move would be introduced on trains which are headed to some areas of Bihar. The chain pulling system is used to stop the trains in emergency situations.

Bihar has been a dry state since 2016. While serving or distributing liquor is banned 48 hours before polling, a violation in Bihar can attract a jail term of up to 5 years.

The Railways has considered this move as it had been observed in Bihar that smugglers would pull the chain of the train and then alight while carrying liquor. The Railways says that RPF guards would on board such trains in case of an emergency. The passengers can contact these personnel in case of such an emergency.

The Railways also took into account as many as 31 incidents where liquor smugglers had pulled the chain to stop the train.