Indian Railways plan to revive 1,500 Water Bodies can be a Big Boon in countering Drought

NEW DELHI: About 1,500 water bodies that exist in the premises of the railway lands will now be revived by the Indian Railways. This includes the water bodies found along the railway tracks.

This move has been initiated after the Hyderabad division successfully restored four wells in its premises.

As a result of that, not only do the wells yield 4.70 lakh litres on a daily basis but also ended up saving the division ₹22 lakh every month.

Railway minister Suresh Prabhu has instructed all groups coming under the Indian Railways, such as the zones, divisions, workshops and the Railway Protection Force, to begin reviving water bodies falling under their jurisdiction. These groups have also been told to start employing water conservation methods in order to significantly reduce water usage.

There are a total of 1,561 water bodies in contention to be revived currently that include wells, ponds, dams, reservoirs, step wells and more. While some of them have completely dried up, many are in varying stages of drying up entirely and none of them are in use. The railways wants to change that soon.

This is one among the many initiatives taken by the body as part of their policy to converse water. Recently it was announced that the railways will start buying recycled water from private players. This move will reportedly save the railways ₹400 crore annually. The policy envisages the implementation of a better water management system in order to preserve water.