Indian Railways to energize all stations with Solar Power

नई दिल्ली New Delhi:  Small suburban railway stations where electricity and lighting are a huge trouble may soon be relieved with the use of solar energy for producing light. These railway stations are not too safe to travel and commuters find it risky too, especially women and young girls.

As a step to eradicate this issue, the railway ministry has now come up to set up solar power plants having 8.8 MW capacity. These plants will be set up at railway stations, level crossing gates and railway office buildings throughout the entire country, and the project will be funded under railway funding. This project is inclusive of 10 KWp solar panels in over 200 stations belonging to various zonal railways.

The ministry has forwarded circulars instructing them to install solar panels at these stations and level crossings. According to frequent commuters, the railway ministry should focus mainly on stations that are badly in need of light sources which are currently finding it very troublesome because of poor light.