Indian Railways to install Early Warning System to stop High-speed trains in 20 Secs

इज्जत्थनगर Izzatnagar (IZN):  With the introduction of high speed trains on the cards, Indian Railways has decided to acquire the sophisticated “early warning system” to alert both the driver and staff at the nearest railway station about an impending danger of an accident.

This way the railways hopes to do way with human error as cause of an accident.

The warning system would be imported from England and comprise state of art facilities and technique to trigger an early warning alarm in case there is any apprehension of an accident on the tracks on which a high speed train is moving, say railway officials.

In a move to prevent accidents, Indian Railways is all set to start a new chapter by introducing Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) which is based on European Train Control System (ETCS) — a proven and well known protection technology used in several countries across the globe for prevention of accidents caused due to human errors either by over shooting a signal or failing to adhere to speed limit directions on the tracks.

The TPWS with features like signal aspects, maximum permissible speed for a particular section of track, inter-signal distance and several others, would be taken into account and reduce chances of drivers overshooting signals, reducing chances of accidents on tracks.

As per railway officials, system would also give early warning to driver (loco pilot) of the train soon after detection of rail fractures, shooting red signals and over-speeding. If prior warning is ignored for some reason, the system will automatically stop the train within 20 seconds, thereby not only saving lives of passengers on board but also help in protecting railway property.

As per reports, several high traffic rail routes, including accident-prone will be covered in first phase. Some of the routes to be equipped with the TPWS are Delhi- Mumbai, Ahmadabad-Mumbai, Jammu Tawi, Punjab, Dehradun via Bareilly to Bihar and a few other routes in southern India.

“Soon TPWS will be installed in railway engines for which engineers will be imparted training soon. The system is highly effective and will take a mere 20 seconds to stop a train running at speeds of 100 km and above.” said Public Relations Officer, Izzatnagar Division, Rajendra Singh.